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In the mystery of legends of China and Tibet, the origin of Shih Tzu is entwined. In the study of anthropology, various theories have been proposed to determine the exact origin of Shih Tzu. One theory expounds that contemporary Shih Tzu originated during Manchu dynasty which ended 112 years ago; while the other theory puts much emphasis on the origination of Shih Tzu in the Imperial Court of China 1400 years ago through the silk trade routes.

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Many theorists believe that Tibetan sleeve dogs are the forms of modern Imperial Shih Tzu. For decades the Shih Tzu has been typed as ‘Imperial size’ or ‘Teacup size’, however, the American Kennel Club (AKC) defines it as standard size.

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The Chinese Empresses Dowager in the Imperial Palace of China advocated the breeding of the Shih Tzu. Unfortunately, there was no room for bigger sized Shih Tzu. The bigger sized Shih Tzu dogs were either marketed or killed. However, the smaller ones were well respected and well maintained by the breeders. When diplomats arrived, a tiny sized Shih Tzu was given to them, representing an honor from the Empresses.

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The breeding of tiny Imperial Shih Tzu focuses on three crucial aspects such as quality, health and temperament. AKC exemplifies a standard for Imperial Shih Tzu that features a short back, straight legs and a baby doll face with small button nose on beautiful head. Their expression is very cute and loving. The puppies may come in a great variety of colors including chocolate, red, mahogany, liver, blue and mixed colors. Gorgeous coats, round eyes, squashy little body and exquisite head are what make an Imperial Shih Tzu. Breeding requires attention when selecting mating pairs as this determines the possible personality, health and temperament characteristics in the offspring.

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Typically the temperament of an Imperial Shih Tzu is nice and sweet. They are basically cheerful, spunky and steady dogs. Royal affability, bold behavior and frequent arrogance set them apart from other type of breeds of the same family. Their behavior is very friendly with almost zero trouble. The Imperial Shih Tzu responds very nicely during patient training. Because of their alert nature, although they prefer to bark outside, they stay calm and quiet inside of the house.

There is a huge market for the Imperial Shih Tzu. But many individuals and families have a preference for the Imperial Shih Tzu because of its small size. These types of dogs are easy to carry. Many tiny Imperial Shih Tzu owners take their dogs almost everywhere. Owners tend to treat these elite little dogs like treasures or extraordinary beautiful jewels. They are so small that they may require hand feeding and they need daily additional nutritional supplements also.

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The price of an Imperial Shih Tzu is higher than many other breeds. The final price is determined on the basis of a whole host of reasons including the breeding parents, gender, markings, color, and size. Generally, the teacup Imperial Shih Tzu’s price starts out at $1500 and it is a very desirable six pounds or under when full grown. Look out for health problems as breeding teacup Imperial Shih Tzu’s can come with some difficulties.

On the other hand, the full-grown pet quality Imperial Shih Tzu, weighing between six and nine pounds, is available between $1500 to $3000 from a reputable breeder. For a full-grown purebred Imperial Shih Tzu of purebred of show quality, expect to pay between $3000 and $5000 plus.

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