Do Yorkies Make Great Guard Dogs?

Yorkies are making their way into the homes and hearts of more and more people every year as many people are beginning to see what this entire breed has to offer. This animal is extremely fun loving and gets along well with other animals or pets that may be currently in the home or that you would bring home later.

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And there is no need to worry about other animals or pets within the home as Yorkies can pretty much get along with everyone and that includes humans and animals. So beware as this little outgoing pup may just make its way into your heart.

With a full grown Yorkie being able to still fit into a backpack or a doggy bag, this pup can go everywhere with their owner. And this is something that the pup would love as they love attention, in fact, they cannot seem to get enough of it. But don’t forget, even though they love attention, they also have a mind of their own and show this through their independence.

Yorkies love to play and run around and with all kinds of play comes all kinds of cleaning in order to continue looking their best. The Yorkshire Terrier does require daily brushing in order to keep their coat in tiptop shape. Their long silky coat can quickly get out of hand if it is not properly taken care of. Also, they love their teeth being brushed, as this is even more attention focused on them.

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And although they are not very big in size, these little ones can make for excellent guard dogs, as they will always alert the owners when someone is approaching their home. They are very protective over their home and their family, which means there is another reason to make this precious pup apart of your family. Their outgoing personality is what will help make sure that you do not regret your decision to bring one home.

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As with any animal that has a great deal of independence in their system, Yorkies can be slightly difficult to housebreak but that is common for the breed. Now, they can be house broken but it just takes slightly longer then other types of small breed dogs. Also, make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier is wearing a sweater on rainy days, as they cannot stand the rain or any type of coldness.

And even though it can be hard to imagine this breed being anything but fun loving to someone, the Yorkies tend to want to stay away from very small children. It is believed that it is the jerky movements from small children that scare the Yorkies away.

And in some cases, Yorkies have been known to bite children who unintentionally scared them out of their wits. This could be a very traumatizing experience for both the child and the Yorkie so it is best to just keep them apart.

Susan Bailey
Susan Bailey

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