Do Your Beagle Breeding Research Or Suffer Regret

As more and more people recognize what a fun and loveable little dog a beagle can be, honest breeders struggle to keep up with the demand for these little dogs.

Unfortunately, this has left a wide open market for dishonest breeders who run puppy mills to fill the pet stores with sick and often dying dogs. Even though the majority of pet store owners will tell you that they would never buy their puppies from a puppy mill, the sad truth is that a conscientious breeder would never supply pups to a pet store in the first place.

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Even honest pet storeowners are buying these puppy mill pups, never knowing that they are purchasing unhealthy dogs from a dishonest beagle breeder. The only real way that you can be absolutely certain that you are getting a healthy beagle these days, is to be certain that you only buy a pup from a well respected beagle breeder that your trusted vet has experience with. This will help you to ensure that your new pup has received the proper care and treatment before being delivered to you.

Dishonest Breeders

The biggest issue with a dishonest breeder is that they will often continue to interbreed their dogs, so as to produce the largest amount of pups. Since beagles are prone to certain genetic health issues to begin with, this is a very dangerous practice.

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One of the most common practices of the dishonest beagle breeder is the practice of interbreeding several generations together, without bringing in any new blood. This only serves to enhance the genetic health issues that plague this breed.

It is a sad shame that so many pet storeowners are unable to distinguish an honest beagle breeder from a dishonest one. But so many pet storeowners are simply concerned with keeping up with the growing demand for beagle pups, that they never take the time to research the conditions the dogs they are buying come from.

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Puppy Mills

Puppy mills and dishonest beagle breeders are, quite literally, the scourge of the canine world. With no thought as to the health of their dogs, these unscrupulous breeders supply pet stores around the country with more and more dogs each year.

Consider on the other hand, the fact that an honest beagle breeder will usually handpick who may or may not take one of their precious pups home. Often even doing some investigations of their own into the type of home you would be taking new pup.

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An honest beagle breeder will never sell their pups to a pet store, preferring to keep them in a warm and comfortable kennel where they will receive only the very best in care and medical treatment. And an honest beagle breeder will be very picky as to whom they will sell a pup.

By refusing to buy pups from pet stores supplied by puppy mills, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to ensure a long and healthy future for these little dogs.

Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams

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