Golden Retriever Breeding For Money

There is a lot more to Golden Retriever breeding than meets the eye and the instances of those who have succeeded in this regard are few. And though it can prove to be a means to earning a living, it won’t allow you to live the kind of life that you were expecting. Proper, ethical as well as caring breeding is likely to produce the ideal Golden Retrievers and it will also help in improving the lines, though it is easier said than done. In fact, it could even entail having to spend long and sleepless nights accompanying a whelping bitch and there are many anxieties as well as tragedies to contend with, especially when the whelping does not go as planned.

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In any case, Golden Retriever breeding is not about making quick money and there is also a pressing need to exercise great caution and do all that is required for proper Golden Retriever care so that you are well equipped to handle the many problems that often arise should the breeding process not go as planned including dealing with congenital defects in your Golden Retriever puppies which must be avoided at all costs.

Most often, a good Golden Retriever breeder will execute his plans meticulously to ensure that the quality of genes are passed from one generation to the next and they realize the serious nature and will make the tough choices whenever required so as to ensure the wellbeing of the newborn puppies. However, another aspect to it is that there is often considerable expense involved in breeding your Golden Retriever, especially if you want to ensure his pedigree.

Remember also that if the breeding is done indiscriminately, it can produce litters that will fail to manifest the desired traits of the parents and thus result in distilling the worst of the parents, which is certainly reprehensible and not at all recommended. Also, for those who believe that Golden Retriever breeding will help them make a lot of money, they will be in for a big disappointment, not only because of the costs involved, but also because you need to enjoy a good reputation before people will buy your Golden Retriever puppies from you.

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If you are engaged in Golden Retriever breeding for the money, but do not have a reputation to accompany your breeding activities, chances are that you won’t find it all that easy to sell your puppies.

In fact, proper Golden Retriever breeding must also entail things such as history of health related problems, which must be eliminated from the coming litter.

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You will also come across instances in Golden Retriever breeding when the mother may be unfit, which will end up increasing your workload.

Sometimes, the mother may not look after or nurture the litter and thus, it is up to you to do the nurturing on behalf of the mother and a dedicated breeder will also need to take the responsibility of taking out sufficient time to do all that is required including feeding the young and ensuring their good health.

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