Helpful Information About Chihuahua Paper Training

When you are trying to housebreak your toy breed of dog you will always run in to some challenges along the way. The Chihuahua presents some special problems because they hate the elements and many times will refuse to go outside. Many people turn to Chihuahua paper training as an option but if you do not follow through with continuous housebreaking techniques then the newspaper approach could be a very bad idea. So if you are going to use papers use them as a part of the process and not the entire solution.

Chihuahuas hate wind, rain and cold so you need to find an outside spot for them that is protected from these elements or else they may never take to going outside. A spot that can allow them to do what they have to do without the bother of the bad elements will help a lot in housebreaking your Chihuahua. Always remember that physically punishing your Chihuahua will create aggressive behavior in your dog and that may be something you will never get it to stop doing.

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If you really want to use Chihuahua paper training then remember that it is part of the housebreaking process and not the final solution. The final solution is getting your dog to go outside. Lay some papers in a designated paper area away from the dog’s food. A Chihuahua will not go to the bathroom anywhere near it’s food or water so be sure to make the two very separate. Lay down layers of papers in a small area that the dog can easily get to.

Get your dog on a regular feeding schedule because this will reduce accidents. If you know when your dog eats then you will know when it needs to relieve itself and that can help immensely in the training. When the dog is done eating, or whenever you notice the dog drinking water, take it to the papers.

When it uses the papers praise it and make it understand that the papers are where it can go in the house and the only place that it is allowed to go to the bathroom.

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Keep an eye on your dog and its bathroom habits and when it looks like they have the hang of Chihuahua paper training then you can start slowly moving the paper area towards the door to the outside. Make sure you clean the papers regularly but leave some soiled paper there so they know that it is their spot. Start setting part of the paper spot under and outside the door and make the inside paper spot smaller. Soon your dog will realize that the inside spot is too small and will want to go outside.

Never confine your dog while you are home, as this will only confuse it. Keep water and food away from your dog while it is in its crate at night while you are Chihuahua paper training because a Chihuahua has a very small bladder and won’t be able to hold anything in all night.

Remember that Chihuahua paper training is temporary so treat it as part of the housebreaking process.

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