The Thief Dog Origins Of The Rottweiler

Many people in the past, and still today, fear the Rotty.

In order to be totally in tune with what your Rottweiler is thinking or to understand why he or she behaves in a certain manner, you will what to go back in time and learn about the history of your dog’s breed. Many today still fear the Rottweiler, just as they did many years before now. The Rottweiler was always considered a smart dog and one that would scare off thieves. This is as true today as it was in the past.

black and tan rottweiler puppy
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By understanding what the Rottweiler breed has been through and what they have accomplished over the years, you will be able to better understand your pet and this may help you in raising them. Never mistake this breed for a dumb one as they are anything but and have been found over time to be helpful in both completing work chores and for protection of people and personal belongings.

Roman Origins

This breed is not one that just came about, as the ancestry of the Rottweiler dates back into ancient Roman times, which started with a type of Mastiff dog known as the Roman drover. These dogs were used daily to herd cattle during the time that the army would be traveling. And then during the night the drovers would be left to watch over the soldiers while they slept and would alert them if troubled surfaced.

But it was during the travels of Caesar that some of the drovers were left in areas of Germany and natives there adopted them. Since this breed did so well for the soldiers, the Germans ended up breeding the dogs to help them with jobs that they needed doing. It was actually in the town of Rottweil, Germany where this breed got its name, as this is the place where the dog became known as the butcher’s dog.

map of German town
“Town of Rotweil, Germany” Image credit: Google Maps

Although it seemed that the benefits the Rottweiler gave could not go, the railroad came through and suddenly there was no longer a need for the Rottweiler to pull barges and carts. This meant that the main purposes that this breed was used for was now gone and it was not looking so great for the Rottweiler as they were jobless and soon to be homeless.

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Nazis and Allies

Not only did the Rottweiler serve its country on the streets with police, but also they served their time in World War II when the Nazis and the Allies utilized their great strength and loyalty.

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The American Kennel Club Stud Book accepted the Rottweiler breed into the registry in 1931 and through time the popularity of the breed only grew. For a decade, the Rottweiler stood within the top ten of the breeds registered with the American Kennel Club.

But in 2022, that ended when the Rottweiler dropped into seventh place. But the breed still keeps a warm spot in the hearts of many. The Rottweiler is still one of the most loved, feared and respected dogs to date, and with the history behind them, it is understandable.

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