How To Look After A Goldendoodle

Caring for a Goldendoodle requires commitment.

Does you Goldendoodle not come back you call him? How about that barking that makes the neighbor’s complain? Or when he’s always jumping on you and your visitors. Or, worse, urinating in the house before visitors come over.

In all such cases, frustrated doodle owners themselves, what can I do?

The answer is very easy and simple but requires commitment from the Groodle owner! Your dog needs basic training and needs to learn to respond to simple commands. Making a commitment to have a successful relationship with your Groodle is a must. While it is definitely best to start your Goldendoodle out with obedience training as soon as he or she is old enough, the truth is, all dogs can learn, regardless of their age.

man in red jacket holding white long coated dog
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Goldendoodles are intelligent

Golden Retrievers have been trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, assist those with physical challenges, even perform search-and-rescue missions. But how can you train your doodle to obey you? Teaching smart dogs to obey or how to perform such duties, took a lot of time and effort on those who were dedicated to the training of dogs used for the above mentioned missions. Goldendoodle owners who were serious about teaching their doodle tricks or simple commands enrolled their doodle in obedience classes, or took their doodle to a dog trainer who was professional and who worked out a plan that was specifically meant for that particular doodle and doodle owner.

Genetic Makeup

The genetic makeup of your dog plays a key role in your Groodle’s level of intelligence. Like wolves and most dogs, Goldendoodles are hierarchy conscious. They instinctively gravitate toward living in a pack under a leader or alpha dog. A Groodle owner needs to know that they and their family is your Groodle’s pack. And the Groodle owner needs to understand that they, not the dog, iare the leader.

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Many people make the mistake of acting unsure of themselves….nervous….or timid around their Groodle. It’s very easy for a Goldendoodle to run the household if the leader of the pack isn’t doing their job. Goldendoodles, like Golden Retrievers and Poodles, are extremely smart. So take charge of your Groodle by acting like a leader.

Dee Gerrish
Dee Gerrish

Dee is a syndicated writer who writes about dogs and pets. She has cared for several Goldendoodles and has studied their behavior over a number of years.