How To Teach Your Goldendoodle Who Is The Leader

You Are The Pack Leader

In a wolf pack, the leader chooses the warmest, most elevated spot to sleep. The leader also eats before the others. So if your Goldendoodle is allowed to sleep on your bed, get on the furniture, or is allowed to run amuck, your Groodle may conclude that he or she is the leader.

The same will happen if your Goldendoodle is fed scraps from the table during your mealtime. Your behavior affects how your Goldendoodle behaves. Your actions teaches your Goldendoodle how and when to respond whether your actions are positive or negative.

They are very sensitive dogs and respond best to positive training and positive reinforcement. That means no yelling, screaming and scolding or hitting.

What Can I Do?

In all such cases, frustrated doodle owners themselves, what can I do?

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The answer is very easy and simple but requires commitment from the Groodle owner! Your dog needs basic training and needs to learn to respond to simple commands. Making a commitment to have a successful relationship with your Groodle is a must.

While it is definitely best to start your Goldendoodle out with obedience training as soon as he or she is old enough, the truth is, all dogs can learn, regardless of their age.

Stop Jumping Using Off!

One method is to back away while using the command Off! followed by Sit! Another is to catch a forepaw in each hand and step toward the doodle, repeating the Off! command. Always Give praise when your Goldendoodle obeys.

Some trainers use the command Down. Other trainers use the command Off!

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Professional dog trainers can vary in their methods of training. With guard dogs, some trainers rely on commands spoken in various languages other than English. Some trainers teach their dogs to obey hand commands and never verbal commands. And others use the “clicker” method as their preferred way.

Being so intelligent, it is possible to teach a Groodle to ring a bell that is hung on door. By jingling it, the Groodle can let their owner know that they want to go outside.

Teach Your Goldendoodle To Come!

The best way to teach your Goldendoodle to come to you is to use a nice long leash and give a gentle tug off and on while calling your doodle’s name and giving the command Come!. Always Back up as your doodle moves toward you. Continue giving your doodle praise even if your doodle is only showing a little progress.

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Encouragement to do better is always key. Soon, your Goldendoodle will respond to your call without being prompted by the leash. If your doodle gets loose and will not respond to the command Come! call it and run in the opposite direction.

Why A Dog Gives Chase

Often, a dog will instinctively give chase because they want to play. Most Goldendoodles enjoy being right next to you at all times, so unless your Groodle has found something interesting to distract its attention away from you, they usually won’t run away.

The best environment to train your doodle is in a secure area. Groodles off of a leash could accidentally run out into the road and become hit by a car. If you do not have a fenced in training area, it is best to always keep your Goldendoodle on a very long leash when outdoors.

Dee Gerrish
Dee Gerrish

Dee is a syndicated writer who writes about dogs and pets. She has cared for several Goldendoodles and has studied their behavior over a number of years.