It’s Easy To Teach Your Goldendoodle These Simple Commands

Teaching your Goldendoodle basic commands will make you both happier in the long run.

In order to teach your Goldendoodle basic commands, you will need several things: a collar, a leash, time, and plenty of patience. So many people assume that training a Goldendoodle, or any dog for that matter, is simple and requires just one or two lessons. Well that is a very wrong assumption. It takes more than that!

Here are some tips to begin with:

1. Use simple, one-word commands.

Don’t use long drawn out sentences or talk to your dog as though it has the human capacity to understand everything you say.

2. Demonstrate to your Goldendoodle the desired action.

Show your Goldendoodle what they should be doing correctly by modelling good behavior yourself.

3. Immediately give praise to your Goldendoodle when he or she has performed the action.

Your tone of voice is more important than the words you use when training your Groodle. A command should always be given in an affirmative tone, and praise should always be given in a happy, affectionate tone with a touch of excitement on your part. This gives your Groodle encouragement to do better.

Becoming frustrated or showing signs of frustration only causes your Groodle to perform poorly or not at all. For your Goldendoodle, plenty of pats on the head reinforces that he or she will have more coming!

Teach Your Goldendoodle to Sit!

The foundation for all canine obedience is the command Sit!. If your Goldendoodle knows this command, you can control your doodle when he or she becomes overly active. For example, you can tell your Goldendoodle to sit when he or she begins to jump on visitors who come to your home.

Goldendoodle Dog Sitting on a Road in Winter
Image credit: Pexels | Zach LeBlanc

Or if you have your doodle out in public and people desire to pet your doodle. To teach your Goldendoodle to sit, put the leash on your doodle’s collar, and give the command Sit while pushing down on your doodles’ hindquarters. Gently pull your doodles’ head up with the leash at the same time.

Always give praise immediately to your Goldendoodle so that you can reinforce the good behavior. Repeat these steps until your Goldendoodle obeys the command on his or her own.

Don’t expect your Groodle to learn this right away. Continued training will allow your Groodle to learn each command.

Teach Your Goldendoodle To Stay!

In order to teach your Goldendoodle to remain in the sitting position, use the command Stay! while standing in front of him or her. Put your hand out with the palm facing flat toward your doodle. If your Goldendoodle moves, say No and then place him or her back into the “sit” position.

Repeat the command. Make sure to always praise your Goldendoodle when he or she stays in the sitting position even if just for a short period.

Gradually increase the time that your doodle stays in the “sit” position and then gradually make the distance further between you and your doodle as he or she responds to the command.

A Word Of Caution With Come!

Never use the word Come! if you are calling your doodle to reprimand him or her. Using this command to reprimand your doodle will cause your doodle not to obey this command because he or she will be in fear that they have done something wrong.

Your Goldendoodle must learn that responding to the command Come! will bring pleasurable results whether it is for praise or for a food treat.

If you become frustrated or if lose your patience while attempting to teach your Goldendoodle commands, your dog will only learn that the commands are unpleasant and that they are to be avoided.

Dee Gerrish
Dee Gerrish

Dee is a syndicated writer who writes about dogs and pets. She has cared for several Goldendoodles and has studied their behavior over a number of years.