K9 Makes Amazing Drug Bust at Traffic Stop

The drugs were hidden in a secret place in the vehicle. But the incredible sniffing senses of Bear helped the police officers find the drugs in a traffic stop.

A K9 officer, called Bear, sniffed out 5.5 pounds of pure pressed fentanyl powder and almost 50,000 blue fentanyl pills at a traffic stop in Eugene, Oregon.

The Lane County Sheffif’s Office said the bust occured near the 1800 block of Franklin Boulevard.

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Bear was deployed after deputies suspected that the vehicle detained has suspicious occupants and could be hiding something they did not want to be found.

The search through the vehicle found a very well hidden secret compartment in the cab holding drugs that only a specially training dog like Bear could have smelled.

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Image credit: Lane County Sherrif’s Office

Lane County Sherrif’s Office stated that “Drug trafficking organizations typically distribute fentanyl by the kilogram.”

They added a statistic from the DEA.gov that “one kilogram has the potential to kill 500,000 people.”

Fentanyl Easy To Make

Fentanyl is a highly addictive synthetic opioid. It can be made cheaply and abundantly with readily available chemicals.

China used to the be main supplier of illegal fentanyl, but these days China supplies the ingredients to Mexico drug cartels who can ship the finished product across the U.S. border.

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The chemical ingredients are often available to cartels and crime syndicates via the dark web. Some are in plain site on Alibaba and Ebay. The names of the drugs have codes and obscure names which alert the buyers to what they can be used for.

Opioids like fentanyl end up on the streets and neighborhoods of so may U.S. cities, and it is very hard to track down dealers and mules who bring the drugs into the country.

Prosecution of suspected drug dealers

Lane County Sherrif’s Office said that the occupants of the vehicle had been referred for prosecution.

They said in an official statement that “This investigation is ongoing and additional details are not available at this time.”

The recent addition of K9 officer, Bear, to the Lane County Sherrif’s Office is a welcome addition to their team and their ongoing war against drugs.

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