No One Said Housebreaking A Goldendoodle Puppy Was Easy

Start housebreaking by putting puppies on newspaper.

Start your puppies on newspaper or equivalent as soon as their eyes open and they have learned how to walk. Constant repetition and placing the pups on the paper teaches them to use the bathroom on newspaper.

Once you have purchased your Goldendoodle, it is not that difficult to teach your puppy how to use the bathroom outside rather than on the paper.

The keys to successful housebreaking are confinement, training, timing, and praise. Most doodles do not like to soil their sleeping area. Therefore, keep your puppy confined when unsupervised. However, it is important to know that you should not leave your doodle confined for hours.

A young puppy feels like it has to urinate and defecate much more often than when they are older. Place your Goldendoodle on a consistent schedule. Teach your doodle that it has a designated toilet area, i.e. your yard or outdoor area. Take your puppy outside (on a leash) to the designated area immediately after he or she wakes up, after a meal, after a play session, or before bedtime. Give loads of praise after he or she has toileted.

Using Trigger Word Outside?

You may want to teach your doodle a trigger word such as Outside? When your puppy is not confined, be alert to signs that your doodle needs to relieve itself, such as an abrupt stop of play, circling and sniffing, and running out of the room.

If you catch your puppy in the act of toileting in the house, scold your Groodle, and then take him or her outside immediately.

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Always keep your Groodle on a leash if you do not have a fenced in yard. I always recommend using a retractable leash or a very long leash. Again, no good will come of your training efforts if you give correction long after the act. Clean up any accidents with vinegar water to remove the scent; otherwise, your Groodle will continue to use that place to eliminate.

Goldendoodle Puppy Urination

Urination during an excited greeting is an involuntary, natural behavior in most dogs. Sometimes called submissive urination, it can mean that the dog recognizes that you are the leader, or in the alpha position. This commonly occurs when dogs are greeting or meeting each other for the first time. It lets the other dog know that the one urinating is submissive to the other.

Reprimanding your doodle in this case may only worsen the problem, as your Groodle may urinate more in order to show further that it views you as the one in charge. Usually, this behavior stops by the time a dog reaches two years of age.

Always remember that training must be in small baby steps. Dogs all learn differently. Some are quicker than others. Stay calm and stay focused with your Groodle.

Be A Groodle Leader

Even as a puppy, your Goldendoodle can learn that it is subordinate to you…the Groodle owner. How is this? Try holding your doodle’s gaze with your eyes until he or she looks away. Also, alot of belly rubbing while your doodle is on his or her back is a good exercise, as this puts your doodle in a submissive position.

If your Goldendoodle is being a nuisance and does not stop when you say No, try to ignore your Goldendoodle or leave the room. Giving in to bad behavior only reinforces bad behavior to continue.

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When your Goldendoodle responds to your commands, he or she is acknowledging that you, the pack leader, are in charge.

If you as the Goldendoodle owner do not establish your position of leadership, your doodle dog may conclude that he or she is equal or superior to you, and this might affect your doodles’ behavior.

Believe it or not, children to the same thing when they are young! Children learn how to manipulate their parents to get what they want, when they want it. You have to think of your doodle as a small, young child who is learning.

Dee Gerrish
Dee Gerrish

Dee is a syndicated writer who writes about dogs and pets. She has cared for several Goldendoodles and has studied their behavior over a number of years.