PetSafe Gentle Leader Is The Real Leader In Canine Headcollars

Every dog has moments where he might turn tail and run or get too interested in something he shouldn’t, this is where a collar and leash come in handy, although it might seem a bit mean to have to restrain him.

Don’t forget too that during obedience classes a collar and leash are necessary equipment, to persuade him to obey commands and curb him when he isn’t playing ball.

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The design of standard collars and leashes mean that all the pressure is concentrated around the neck and throat.

Worse still are choke chains as they heavy metal links can cause damage to the neck muscles as they tighten.

This kind of sensation does not provide a positive experience for the dog when training, so you will want to have a headcollar as part of your dog restraint options.

PetSafe have designed the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar, the restraint of choice of animal doctors and dog obedience trainers, with safety in mind, and to provide a better experience for your dog. They are made from washable and tough nylon, and have a snap closure.

In the same way as we would become alarmed if someone was throttling us, your dog’s lesson in obedience will come down to exactly that.

Once alarmed your dog’s ability to take in training commands will be severely limited.

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Isn’t it better to reinforce a training message with a softer yet still effective method of control?

The smooth nylon of which the Gentle Leader is made is soft against skin, and it is worn on the head with an added piece over the nose.

If your dog lunges, The PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar works by applying pressure to both the nose and the base of the head, giving a more complete level of control over the dog. The natural pulling instinct of your dog is interrupted by using this type of headcollar.

Instructions without the accompanying physical sensations of choking will make your dog much calmer in training situations.

You will see that your dog responds better to training when controlled in this friendly way.

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They come in colors such as Raspberry Pink, Charcoal, and Black. There are several sizes, and especially an extra large size for the big boys such as Danes, Rottweilers, large for Labs, medium for collies, and small for our little canine friends.

And, by the way, this will not fit dogs with short snouts like Pugs or Bulldogs. They may be better off with a snug fitting harness.

This product is a simple must-have for any dog owner, and will make walking just that little bit more pleasurable for both of you.

Rebecca Foxton
Rebecca Foxton

Rebecca Foxton is a passionate dog lover and enthusiast with years of experience in canine care and training. With a deep understanding of dog behavior and a commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership, the author shares insightful tips and engaging stories to enrich the lives of both dogs and their owners.