Rottweilers Are Loyal And Obedient

One thing that immediately strikes you when you look at the Rottweiler is its robust nature and the power in its body and the next thing you will come to realize is that it is a very loyal creature that has good protective instincts as well. That is what makes the Rottweiler an excellent guard dog and besides, it is also a very good companion, which with proper Rottweiler care will be an asset to any home. However, given its special traits and because, thanks to good Rottweiler breeding, these animals are strong of a good size. This means that you need to shoulder a few more responsibilities in raising these breeds than is the case with other breeds.

As a person interested in owning a Rottweiler, it would pay for you to learn about good Rottweiler breeding so that you can find out exactly what it takes to make a good Rottweiler, and thus make an informed decision when purchasing the breed.

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You should also learn about proper Rottweiler care and if you want a well bred Rottweiler, you need to also look at its past including its genetic background and how it was conditioned in its formative years, and whether it has been taught to socialize, because these are things that are included in good Rottweiler breeding. There are no doubts that Rottweilers are, at present, the most popular breeds that are being widely advertised in most dog magazines and this is not hard to understand given their immense usefulness to their owners.

In any case, you need to be wary about those Rottweilers that are being offered for sale at very low prices because these could be the result of poor Rottweiler breeding. If breeders offer you guarantees in writing, it is a welcome thing though not a guarantee that their dogs are of adequate standards. So, watch out for unscrupulous breeders of whom there are many.

Bringing a Rottweiler home means having a companion for the next ten plus years and thus it bears keeping in mind that you need to be able to ensure proper Rottweiler care; and also that your new addition is a product of proper Rottweiler breeding. And, to help you choose a good Rottweiler, you should be well informed about its past ancestry and also learn about particular Rottweiler characteristics that can help distinguish a well bred Rottweiler from one that is not well bred.

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Good places where you can find well bred Rottweilers are at a dog show where there are many breeders showing off their dogs and where will also be many Rottweiler owners as well. You can ask them about the good and bad points in their dogs. Most Rottweilers will stand about two feet at the shoulders and weigh about a hundred pounds though females are a bit shorter than the males standing a bit under or just about two feet tall and weighing about eighty to a hundred pounds.

Because Rottweilers have a history of being put to use in the fields in Europe and they are in fact much stronger than you may expect, be prepared for a pet that will be compact in size and very muscular as well. In fact, they are strong enough to cause harm and though they are generally not overly aggressive, older persons for fear of unintended injury should not keep them. There is also great need for proper Rottweiler obedience training so that they will learn to do as they are told to do.

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You need to ensure that before buying your Rottweiler you do not buy from breeders who do not show respect to the breed and will indulge in indiscriminate Rottweiler breeding and thus produce Rottweilers that have more than the desired numbers of problems. Don’t be fooled by low prices and look to see that the Rottweiler has good black coat or even one that is of tan color, is strong looking and has an athletic build, while its movements are supple.

Because of its strength and generally imposing demeanor, there are many people that are scared of the Rottweiler and even have gone as far as wanting Rottweiler breeding to cease. These people obviously do not know much about the Rottweiler which is a shame because this great German breed is a superior animal and has strength of purpose and more than two thousand years of breeding behind them. The only problem with regard to this excellent creature is that improper Rottweiler breeding and bad care and training can make them more aggressive than is desired and thus leads people to become scared of them. The Rottweiler, like a gentle giant, can quite possibly be the best breed for any family desiring loyalty, protection and attachment.

Sharon Davies
Sharon Davies

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