The Reign Of Terror By “Commander” The White House Dog

We might never know how many victims there were from Commander’s biting attacks.

According to secret documents that were released under Freedom of Information requests, Joe Biden’s dog “Commander” caused terror and panic at the White House by biting Secret Service agents.

White House
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The German Shepherd bit a large number of staff at The White House and Camp David. There were probably other locations where people got bitten, but we only know what happened to agents. Other victims of Commander may never be known.

Victims of Commander

Secret Service agents got bit in all sorts of places. One agent got a deep bite on the forearm. Another agent required six stitches to his hand. Another agent required treatment to his right arm and right quad after being bitten at the White House. The agent was losing blood and needed emergency help.

Dog at White House
“Commander” | Image credit: YouTube | New York Post

Agents were bitten on the lower back, wrist, forearm, chest, hands, arms and pretty much everywhere that Commander could get hold of them. They suffered puncture wounds and loss of blood that required stitches and medications.

From the secret documents released, there were 24 bites by Commander on Secret Service agents that took place between October 2022 and July 2023:

List of Commander dog bite victims
Source: | Contributed by Nick Penzenstadler (USA Today)

A Mop Was Needed For The Blood

Commander caused a deep bite to a Secret Service agent in June 2022. The agent was bleeding profusely and needed to be taken away to get stitches. People who were going on East Wing tours of the White House were horrified by what was going on. Some had to control their breathing because the incident was just so terrifying. The tourists were made to wait 20 minutes while the blood was mopped up.

First Lady Nearly Dies

The First Lady Jill Biden was lucky not to get a piece taken out of her by the two year old dog. Commander had lunged at her on the South Grounds of the White House. But the First Lady somehow was able to wrestle back the leash and prevent Commander from laying his teeth on her.

This is the incident log from the secret documents:

Contributed by Nick Penzenstadler (USA Today)
Image credit: | Contributed by Nick Penzenstadler (USA Today)

Commander as Puppy

When Commander was cute and only puppy in 2021, Joe and Jill Biden had plenty of photo shoots pretending to like the dog. But it’s obvious that they weren’t really dog lovers.

Commander was a gift to Joe Biden from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden. They should have kept the dog themselves, because Joe and Jill really didn’t know what they were doing.

Joe and Jill Biden
“Commander The Puppy” | Image credit: YouTube

Commander Is Fired

In October 2023, it was announced the White House that Commander was being banished from the White House. They tried to make out that no training could fix poor Commander. Even veterinarians and animal behaviorists couldn’t help him, they said. He was sent away to “relatives,” but this is probably not really what happened.

German Shepherd
“Major” | Image credit: YouTube | REUTERS

The previous Biden dog “Major” had also been banished. Major was still a young dog and only born in 2018. He was also a German Shepherd. But he too had become violent and was biting staff. He was sent to “relatives” in Delaware.

Dog Stress at White House

The reasons for both of the dogs biting people isn’t hard to guess. The stress of being at the White House was driving them crazy. German Shepherds are highly active and very smart dogs. But they need calm energy and a pack leader that knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, Joe Biden wasn’t much of a pack leader. There was really no chance for the dogs to be happy in such an environment.

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