Top Tips For Housebreaking Your New Rottweiler Puppy

A new Rottweiler puppy can be a fun addition to your family. However, puppies come with plenty of work attached, and one of the first jobs that you will need to complete successfully will be Rottweiler potty training. This process generally begins the day that you bring your puppy home, and may continue for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Housebreaking requires plenty of consistency and patience on your part, but the reward in the end is a dog that does not soil your carpet, and is on the right track for other types of training.

The quickest and easiest way to housebreak most puppies is the crate training approach. The only piece of equipment that is required is a crate that is large enough to house your dog, but not so large that he will think it’s okay to potty in it. Some large crates come with a divider that you can place inside to make a smaller space for your puppy, and expand as your dog grows.

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The first step in Rottweiler potty training is to prevent as many accidents as possible at the beginning of the process. If your puppy eliminates somewhere in your house, he will probably return to that spot the next time he feels the urge to go. If you do end up with the inevitable spot on the carpet, clean it up when your pup is not watching to avoid drawing attention to the incident.

Use an enzymatic cleaner that will effectively eliminate the odor, so that you dog cannot sniff out the spot later on. Most dogs will go in the same spot they have gone before, and your goal is to teach him that his “spot” is your backyard, not your bedroom!

Preventing accidents indoors requires a watchful eye on your part. When your puppy is not in his crate, he needs to be in your sight at all times. This way, you can heed his signals that he needs to eliminate, and take him outdoors immediately. It is also a good idea to take your puppy out after he has slept or eaten to ensure that he potties in the proper place.

Since it is impossible to watch your puppy every second, the crate will become an important tool in your Rottweiler potty training. When you are unable to keep an eye on your pup, such as at night or when you are out of the house, your puppy can spend time in the safe haven of his crate.

Crate training should not be overused however, so make sure that young puppies still have the opportunity to go outside to eliminate every couple of hours. Many Rottweiler owners will agree that crate training is the best method of housebreaking by far.

Rottweiler potty training requires patience and persistence, but your puppy will get the hang of it in time. Be sure to praise your puppy enthusiastically when he successfully meets your expectations, and limit your punishment to a firm “no” when he is caught in the act of going potty in the house. With time, your pup will be completely housebroken, and your floors will be safe once again.

Sharon Davies
Sharon Davies

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