What Is The Personality Of The Labrador Dog?

If you check with the various dog breeder registries in the world you will find that the Labrador Retriever dog is the second most popular breed of dog in the U.S. The amount of situations a Labrador dog can fit into is simply amazing. They can be a loyal family dog, a seeing eye dog for the blind, and an assistance dog for the elderly. It takes a very special breed of dog to be that trusted in so many special situations by humans.

white long coated dog on green grass field during daytime
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First and foremost the Labrador dog is extremely obedient. Once you have established trust with the Labrador dog, and it knows you are going to look after it, then you will have its obedience for life. This obedience makes them extremely easy to train, and is one of the main reasons why the Labrador dog is chosen to help the blind, or assist older people.

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In order to be a working dog, or what many people call an assistance dog, the Labrador dog must also be very intelligent. The Labrador dog is well known for its intelligence, which also makes it very easy to train. It not only makes the Labrador dog easy to train but it assures that the dog will retain much more of the important lessons it needs to learn in order to do the things it is asked to do in its every day life.

A properly trained Labrador dog can also be a wonderful and fun companion for children that are not too small to be running around with a dog. The well trained Labrador dog knows when it is playing too rough and can also tell when someone has been injured. They make wonderful friends to children and they can also be a lot of fun for the whole family as the Labrador dog is known to love to play.

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Its obedience and intelligence help to make it the perfect companion and the perfect playmate for children as long as the children are not too small.

The Labrador dog is not malicious at all, it just needs to be taught boundaries or else it will keep playing until someone gets hurt.

yellow labrador retriever on green grass field during daytime
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They will tend to not know when enough is enough and can become quite rough at play when not properly trained. So be sure you take the time to teach your Labrador dog the limits of good fun.

Intelligent, obedient, energetic and extremely loyal are just some of the traits of the Labrador dog. There is no more popular breed of dog in the world and when you put everything together that makes it a good breed of dog. So it is no wonder why so many people love to have a Labrador dog for their family or their every day life.

Brooke Sunderland
Brooke Sunderland

Brooke Sunderland is an avid lover of the Labrador and owns a popular website that can teach you how to have a happy, healthy, and well behaved Labrador.