Guiness World Record Was Stolen From Poor Old Dog “Bobi”

The Guiness World Records organization said that Bobi was under suspicion of not being old enough.

Bobi was a local celebrity in Conquerios, Portugal, and known all over the world. Fans were left aghast and crying at this announcement.

Bobi being patted
Image credit: YouTube | Associated Press

In January 2023, Bobi beat Old Bluey’s records of world’s oldest dog. Old Bluey was a cattle dog that had lived in Victoria, Australia. When Bobi died in October 2023, he had beaten Old Bluey’s age by more than two years.

But now he rests in peace with his record and legendary status taken away.

Suspicious Veterinarians

The problem was that some veterinarians said Bobi couldn’t be so old. Bobi was born in 1992, but microchip records only went back to 2008. Most dogs his breed lived to 14 years old. Bobi was more than twice that age at 31 years and 165 days. He was also overweight.

People said that this was not Bobi’s fault. He was an amazing dog that never wanted to be part of the Guiness World Records anyway. There was no chance he could even read the Guiness World Record certificates that he had been given. It was said, despite the whole microchip thing, Bobi still could still have been the world’s oldest dog.

Bobi dog in room
“Bobi with Guiness World Records” Image credit: YouTube | SkyNews

Rafeiro Alentejo: The Livestock Guardian Dog

Bobi was a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo which is a livestock guardian dog from Portugal. They are fiercely protective of goats and and sheep. If predators attack, the guardian dogs will form a protective ring and fight the predators. Their heads are massive and they have a powerful bite. Predators would have to be crazy to go near such dogs.

But as a housedog, the Rafeiro do Alentjo dogs make wonderful family pets.

Bobi dog on path
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Life of Bobi

It was a well known story that Bobi was nearly killed as a puppy. Bobi was part of a litter of four puppies that weren’t wanted because there were too many other dogs.

It was considered normal by farmers in Portugal to bury unwanted puppies alive – but only if they hadn’t opened their eyes. To bury puppies alive with unopened eyes was not allowed. That would have been cruel.

Leonel Costa, one of the brothers, explained the situation to Guinness World Records in 2023:

“Unfortunately, at that time it was considered normal by older people who could not have more animals at home […] to bury the animals in a hole so that they would not survive.”

Bobi dog being fed from bowl
Image credit: YouTube | Associated Press

Bobi lived lived with the Costa family for his whole life. He was a fed a human diet of fish and cooked vegetables. He exercised frequently, but not too much. He was sociable around other animals, especially cats. His owners looked after him and took him to the vet for frequent checkups.

In an interview by Associated Press, Bobi’s vet, Soraia Lopez, said:

“In terms of lifestyle, Bobi is a great example, as he doesn’t suffer from anxiey, and has a lifestyle that all dogs should have. For example, Bobi has access to nature, he does daily physical activity, he has an owner who understands him perfectly, and who does not generate anxiety, he has social contact with other animals, he is very integrated into the family, and of course, this will help him have this type of longevity.”

The record of world’s oldest dog has gone back to Old Bluey in Australia.

Old Bluey Dog 1920
“Dog Bluey,” 1920. Image credit: Wikipedia Commons
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