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Are Dog Toys Really Important?

golden retriever puppy biting orange and white plush toy on green grass field during daytime

Dog toys are things that provide entertainment and keep your dogs busy all day long. These are simple yet very efficient tools that help develop the ability of dogs in properly obeying the command of their masters. Though it is…

How To Give Your Dog A Home-Made Enema

How To Give Your Dog A Home-Made Enema

Sometimes, you may need to do more than just giving solid or liquid medication to your sick dog. Depending on his condition and symptoms, you may also have to provide other kinds of nursing care, such as giving enemas. The…

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

dog training

Training your dog to sit is one of the most basic skills, and also sets the foundation for many others. Here is exactly what should happen: the moment the guide stops, the dog should sit close to his left side.…

The Quick Guide To Dog Obedience Training

police dog training

One of the reasons for doing an obedience dog training is to establish a foundation between you and your dog. Many dog owners believe that dog training is only for those who wish to compete in obedience trials, but they…

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Jumping On You 

dog jumping

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re dressed to impress, ready to leave home for an important business or social gathering. You’re about to open the door when your dog—who doesn’t want you to go without him—jumps up on you, leaving…