Ray Ter

Ray Ter

Ray is a passionate dog lover and enthusiast with years of experience in canine care and training. With a deep understanding of dog behavior and a commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership, the author shares insightful tips and engaging stories to enrich the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Are Dog Toys Really Important?

golden retriever puppy biting orange and white plush toy on green grass field during daytime

Dog toys are things that provide entertainment and keep your dogs busy all day long. These are simple yet very efficient tools that help develop the ability of dogs in properly obeying the command of their masters. Though it is…

10 Great Reasons To Use a Pet Stroller

tiny dog in stroller

Does your pet need a stroller? Yes, indeed. Pet strollers are more than just a recreational carrier but a helpful way of transporting your handicapped or small pets like puppies and kittens. Here are some of the reasons why you…

The Quick Guide To Dog Obedience Training

police dog training

One of the reasons for doing an obedience dog training is to establish a foundation between you and your dog. Many dog owners believe that dog training is only for those who wish to compete in obedience trials, but they…