How To Select A Good Dog Trainer

If you are looking to get your first puppy or your first dog or if you have a dog that has a particular problem then you may want to look at using the services of a professional dog trainer. A trained dog trainer will have a great many tricks under his or her sleeve that can help in even the most difficult of circumstances.

For the first time dog owner, a dog trainer will not simply train your dog to perform the actions you want because it will be you who will take on this mantle when you return home. For this reason, a good dog trainer will teach you to how to train your dog.

However, there are a number of dog trainers available who can help with training you and your pet. You will want to find the best available and the first decision you should make is whether to have one on one dog training or group sessions.

dog training class
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As with many forms of training, one on one training offers the most direct and the most precise results. You will be able to concentrate on the things you want to and go at a pace that suits you, your dog and the trainer.

One on one training sessions can usually be conducted either on the trainer’s premises or in your own home. Training within your own house means your dog will not be affected by the surroundings and should find it easier to concentrate.

Group sessions may not be geared directly towards you and your dog specifically but they do offer you an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog. By letting him meet other dogs and other people he may find it difficult to concentrate at first on the activities you need him to perform. But eventually he will get used to the added distractions and this will make it much easier walking him in the long run.

Regardless of the type of dog trainer you use, it is vital that you continue what you have learnt when you return home as well as simply when you are at training lessons. By reinforcing everything you have learnt in this way the training will be much more effective. Set aside a time every single day to practice specific things but always maintain the techniques on a regular basis in everyday life.

It might not really matter to you if your dog doesn’t do as told when you are at home on your own but letting him do something one time and then reprimanding him for it the next will inevitably confuse him.

Marc Lindsay
Marc Lindsay

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