How To Stop Your Dog From Going Barking Mad

It is a normal phenomenon for a dog to bark from time to time but sometimes this behavior can make dog owners go barking mad. It has been found that the habit which has been created in the childhood seems to continue to exist in their later stage if not treated well.

There can be various reasons that cause unwanted barking which needs to be solved by canvassing the cause before you begin the program of retraining with the help of your animal behaviorist or veterinarian.

Among the various causes of unwanted barking, the most important is attention seeking barking. Your dog may have developed this habit in his younger stage to seek attention especially when he is left alone for long periods of time.

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If barking is suspected as an unwanted behavior then you can you can start to retrain allowing him to explore the world around him and taking an obedience class which is good mental exercise and will help you to better communicate with your dog.

You can also take your dog in the local dog park to get socialize with other dogs and people. Beside this take time to spend one time with your dog daily and make it fun with interesting toys to express that you care for him and he need not bark to get your attention.

Dog barks excessively in response to something he is afraid of like thunderstorms or unfamiliar people. If your dog is barking as a response to thunderstorms or other loud noises, then provide him with a safe, good treats and play some music or the television at a low level to masquerade the noise he is afraid of and if the fear is of unfamiliar people, then help him to get over this fear by making your dog familiar with your neighbor and friends.

Reward him with a treat if he does not bark under the same circumstances which will encourage developing good habits soon.

If your dog is barking when you are not at home then you will need to start a course of desensitization which involves taking very small trips such as just out to the mailbox and back, while leaving behind fun toys and yummy treats for your dog to keep him involved. If your dog shows positive response then gradually increase the length of separation time.

It should be noted that separation anxiety are often treated with medication as well as desensitization. You can replace unwanted barking with more positive behaviors with the help of many available training tips and tools and one of this is bark collars that work by spraying harmless citronella in your dog’s face whenever he barks.

Pastor John
Pastor John

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