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Dog breeds and typology

Golden Retriever Breeding For Money

two adult golden retrievers

There is a lot more to Golden Retriever breeding than meets the eye and the instances of those who have succeeded in this regard are few. And though it can prove to be a means to earning a living, it…

How To Care For A Rottweiler

woman in black crew neck shirt hugging black and tan short coat dog

Dogs have allergies that can affect them the same as humans. Food allergens, flea allergies, bacterial allergens, contact allergens and atopy are the main Rottweiler allergies your dog can develop. In order to provide proper Rottweiler care you should be…

Do Yorkies Make Great Guard Dogs?

Beach Balancing Yorkie 01

Yorkies are making their way into the homes and hearts of more and more people every year as many people are beginning to see what this entire breed has to offer. This animal is extremely fun loving and gets along…

Best Tips For Poodle Grooming

A Very Pink Poodle

There are literally hundreds of different breeds of dog that one can choose from, but the Poodle is definitely a fan favorite. They are affectionate and loving dogs, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Poodle grooming is often considered as a…

How To Groom A Beagle

woman holding white and brown dog

The beagle dog breed dates back historically to 19th century England. The breed was registered with the American Kennel Club in the 1880s. It is thought that beagles are derived from inter-breeding of several kinds of harrier and other hunting…

Do People Believe German Shepherds Are Mean?

German shepherd near river and trees

What qualities would you look for in a friend? You would hope they would stick by your side through good times and bad. You pray that they will never betray your secrets. You wish that they would help you out…